Filing a Contested Case

To begin a contested case, a Petition must be filed with OAH. Filing fees, if required, must accompany the Petition. Additional information on filing fees is available on the Contested Case Filing Fees page. You may request that OAH waive the filing fee in cases of financial hardship by filing the Indigent Status Petition Form at the same time that you file your Petition. Petition forms, including the Indigent Status Petition Form, are available on the Hearing Forms page or by contacting the Office of Administrative Hearings. It is not required that Petitions be filed on one of the forms provided on the Hearing Forms page, but use of the provided form will ensure that you include all necessary information.

OAH provides an electronic filing portal where you can register to use e-filing. To learn more about registering for OAH e-filing, please see our E-filing Registration Guide. Once your registration is accepted, you can log in to the e-filing portal, view your case information, and upload documents directly to OAH. To find out more about e-filing, click the button below. You may use standard filing via US Mail if you prefer.

OAH E-Filing Log-in

An original of the Petition must be filed at OAH, and a copy must be served on the opposing party. In serving a copy of the Petition on a State agency, be sure to follow the instructions provided in any notice received from that agency.  If you have not registered for e-filing, documents may be filed in your case via US Mail, fax, or email to  Registered e-filers must file documents by uploading a Word or PDF document to their case using OAH's e-filing system.  Registered e-filers may not file documents using fax or email.  A copy of all documents filed with OAH must be sent to the opposing party.