OAH Costs and User Fees

Public Costs – effective August 1, 2021

Reference:  26 NCAC 01 .0103

Copies of any public documents filed in the Office of Administrative Hearings are available at the "actual cost" as defined in G.S. 132-6.2(b).  Actual cost as defined in the public records law may not include fixed costs that OAH would have incurred regardless of the request for public documents. The Office of Administrative Hearings is responsible for determining the actual cost of reproducing public documents and providing such cost on the OAH website. There is no charge to the requester unless the total charge for supplies equals or exceeds $10.00.

1. Copies of paper documents:

Paper 8 ½" x 11": $0.05 per sheet

2. Reproduction of electronic documents or files:

CD Rom: $0.12 per CD

Digital Video Disk (DVD): $0.44 per DVD

Cassette Tape: $0.68 per tape

USB Memory Drive: $6.71 per drive.

3. Transcripts of Contested Case Hearings:

Transcription service is provided by third parties. Procedures for requesting and costs of transcripts are provided on the OAH website on the Hearing Forms page.