Name Title Email
Anderson, Robin Medicaid Administrator and Administrative Law Judge
Ascher, Seth Commission Counsel
Avery, Addie Administrative Secretary
Battle, Starr Deputy Clerk
Bawtinhimer, Stacey Administrative Law Judge
Boulden, Richard General Counsel HRC
Brown, Tonia Chief Financial Officer
Burgos, Alex Paralegal
Bynum, Ronya Intake Specialist
Byrne, Michael Administrative Law Judge
Carr, Ronald Calendaring Clerk
Chunko, Daniel Law Clerk
Deveaux, Micah C. Law Clerk
Dikeocha, Tamika M. IT Manager
Dills, Jonathan Administrative Law Judge
Dominguez, Bernadette Human Relations Specialist
Duke, Lawrence Administrative Law Judge
Eddins, Julie B. Paralegal
Edwards, Phoebe Administrative Specialist
Ekblad, Jonathan D. Civil Rights Director
Erwin, Maria Chief Hearings Clerk
Evans, John C. Senior Administrative Law Judge
Garner, LaToya Civil Rights Investigator
Garner, Lisa Paralegal
Hariston, Angeline Human Resources Director
Harrell, Arthur Business Operations Coordinator
Lassiter, Melissa Administrative Law Judge
Liebman, Brian Commission Counsel
Lonneman, Glena Human Relations Specialist
Malherbe, Selina Administrative Law Judge
Matthews-Thayer, Cathy Editorial Assistant
McGhee, Dana Publications Coordinator
Melvin, June Civil Rights Compliance Manager
Morris, Samuel K.  Administrative Law Judge
Nelson, Linda F. Administrative Law Judge
Peaslee, William W.  Commission Counsel - Legislative Liaison
Robinson, Chesseley Law Clerk
Rust, Karen Paralegal
Sanders, Angie Medicaid Paralegal
Snyder, Ashley Commission CounselCommission CounselCodifier of Rules
Strickland, Delmia Administrative Secretary
Sutton, David Administrative Law Judge
Tompkins, Tammy Lead Civil Rights Investigator
Troy, Gene Human Relations Specialist
Tsuprenko, Viktoriya Paralegal (AM only)
Turrentine, Karlene Administrative Law Judge 
van der Vaart, Donald Director and Chief Administrative Law Judge
Vann, Sasha N. Human Relations Specialist
Wiggs, Travis C Commission Counsel
Wilkins, Sharesa Human Relations Specialist
Williams, Elouise Administrator Specialist
Zander, Karin Kirksey Civil Rights Investigator