Name Title Email
Anderson, Robin Medicaid Administrator and Administrative Law Judge
Avery, Addie Administrative Secretary
Bawtinhimer, Stacey Administrative Law Judge
Blackwell, Latoya Civil Rights Investigator
Bland, Jacquay Civil Rights Investigator
Boulden, Richard General Counsel HRC
Brincefield, Julie Administrative Assistant
Burgos, Alex Paralegal
Carr, Ronald Calendaring Clerk
Chunko, Daniel Paralegal
Culpepper, Bill General Counsel
Ekblad, Jonathan Human Relations Specialist
Elkins II, A.B. Administrative Law Judge
Erwin, Maria Chief Hearings Clerk
Garner, Lisa Paralegal
Godwin, Jerrod Paralegal
Goins, Lamont Director, Civil Rights Division
Gray, Debra Paralegal
Grier, Cierra Paralegal (AM only)
Hariston, Angeline Human Resources Director
Harper, Mallory Paralegal (AM only)
Harrell, Arthur Business Operations Coordinator
Hollowell, Anne Legal Specialist
Jacobs, Tenisha Administrative Law Judge
Jones, Tamika IT Manager
Vacant Program Assistant  
Lassiter, Melissa Administrative Law Judge
Malherbe, Selina Administrative Law Judge
Mann, III, Julian Director and Chief Administrative Law Judge
Masich, Molly Codifier of Rules
Matthews-Thayer, Cathy Editorial Assistant
May, Amber Commission Counsel
May, J. Randall Administrative Law Judge
Mayberry, Mary Administrative Secretary
McGhee, Dana Publications Coordinator
Melvin, June Civil Rights Compliance Manager
Morrison, Jr., Fred Sr. Administrative Law Judge
Nesbit, Courtney Deputy Clerk
Overby, Don Administrative Law Judge
Owens, Betty Paralegal (AM only)
Reeder, Amanda Commission Counsel
Sanders, Angie Medicaid Assistant
Snyder, Ashley Commission CounselCommission CounselCommission Counsel
Sutton, David Administrative Law Judge
Tompkins, Tammy Lead Civil Rights Investigator
Troy, Gene Human Relations Specialist
Valero, Tania Human Relations Specialist
Vause, Erika Charge Receipts Coordinator
Vijayaraghavan, Prabha Chief Financial Officer
Ward, J. Randolph Administrative Law Judge
Wilkins, Sharesa Human Relations Specialist
Williams, Elouise Medicaid Assistant
Worth, Linda Deputy Director
Woy, Lindsay Editorial Assistant
Wright, Anita Paralegal
Zander, Karin Kirksey Civil Rights Investigator