Employment Discrimination

Relationship between OAH/CRD and EEOC

The CRD-Employment Discrimination Section works in conjunction with the EEOC to enforce State and Federal anti-discrimination laws in North Carolina. EEOC refers to the CRD-Employment Discrimination Section as a "Fair Employment Practices Agency (FEPA)."  Through the use of "work sharing agreements", the EEOC and the CRD-EDS avoid duplication of effort while at the same time ensuring that a charging party's rights are protected under both Federal and State law. If a charge is filed with the CRD-EDS and is also covered by federal law, the CRD-EDS "dually files" the charge with the EEOC to protect Federal rights. The charge will be retained by the CRD-EDS for processing and investigation. If a charge is filed with the EEOC and also is covered by State and federal law, the EEOC "dually files" the charge with the CRD-EDS, but ordinarily retains the charge for handling. Neither agency waives its jurisdiction to the other, but does waive its right to initially process, while retaining jurisdiction to make its own disposition based upon the other's investigation and determination.