RRC Members

The RRC consists of ten commissioners appointed by the General Assembly, five on the recommendation of the President Pro Tempore and five on the recommendation of the Speaker of the House. As set out in G.S. 143B-30.1(c) the Commission meets at least once a month and must have six members for a quorum. 

(Nominated by President Pro-Tempore)

(Nominated by Speaker of the House)

Jeanette Doran (Chair) - Exp. 06/22
2012 Timber Drive
Raleigh, NC 27604
Telephone: (919) 332-2319
Email: Jeanette.k.doran@gmail.com


Anna Baird Choi (1st Vice Chair) - Exp. 06/21
Nichols, Choi & Lee, PLLC
4700 Homewood Court, Suite 220
Raleigh, NC  27609
Telephone: (919) 341-2636
Email: anna@ncl-law.com

Robert A. Bryan, Jr. - Exp. 06/21
8483 Bryan Road
Garner, NC 27529
Email: bobbymonica@bellsouth.net

Andrew P. Atkins (2nd Vice Chair) - Exp. 06/21
Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell &
Jernigan, LLP
PO Box 2611
Raleigh, NC 27602-2611
Telephone: (919) 821-6715
Email: aatkins@smithlaw.com

Margaret Currin - Exp. 06/22
Raleigh, NC
Email: currinm@campbell.edu

Randy O. Overton - Exp. 06/22
Raleigh, NC
Email: overton.ro@gmail.com

Jeffery T. Hyde - Exp. 06/22
1117 West Cornwallis Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408
Telephone: (336) 275-9797
Email: jeff.hyde@aestheticimages.net

Wm. Paul Powell, Jr. – Exp. 06/22
5241 National Center Dr.
Colfax, NC 27235
Telephone: (336) 852-2500
Email: ppowell@apbev.com

Robert A. Rucho
3870 Harmony Circle SE
Southport, NC 28461

Barbara A. Jackson
5400 Hounds Ear Place
Raleigh NC, 27606
Telephone: (919) 426-8492
Email: justicebarbarajackson@gmail.com