Rule Readoption Schedule

G.S. 150B-21.3A(d)(2) requires the Rules Review Commission to establish a date by which agencies, boards, and commissions must readopt the rules designated on the final determination report as "necessary"  The following chart provides the readoption dates.

Readoptions for the 2014-2023 Review Period
Administrative Code Citation Agency Number of Rules Readoption Date
10A NCAC 13F Medical Care Commission 43 11/30/2024
10A NCAC 13G Medical Care Commission 54 11/30/2025
10A NCAC 15 Radiation Protection Commission 257 02/28/2027
15A NCAC 05C Oil and Gas Commission 23 09/01/2025
15A NCAC 10G .0400 Wildlife Resources Commission 4 12/31/2025
16 NCAC 06 State Board of Education 110 06/30/2026