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Case Search - ALJ Decisions Published 2017 to Date

Decisions published prior to 2017 are not available using this search function but can be found under Archived ALJ Decisions below.

To begin searching for Decisions issued in 2017 or later, enter either a specific case number OR at least one search parameter, then click Search. If there are any cases with a published Decision matching the search request, they will be listed. In the search result list, click on a case number to see the case information, then click on Docket to see the Decision entry, then click the PDF document icon to open and view the Decision.

Search criteria format: OAH Case Number - use the assigned OAH case number or use one or more case parameters as follows: Petitioner (name exactly as listed in the case caption), Respondent (name exactly as listed in the case caption), Case Status, Case Category (OAH-defined case category), Case Type (OAH-defined case type), District (OAH-defined court district), and/or Judge (list includes current and previous ALJs). Petitioner and Respondent names must exactly match the case information, but you may use the wildcard character % to expand the search results. Wildcards can be used at the start, end, inside, or surrounding the search text. Questions should be directed to OAH at (984)-236-1850.

Archived ALJ Decisions - Decisions Published Prior to 2017